It's free to join TravelNest!

When it comes to our pricing, we keep things simple. You pay a commission on bookings – this includes ALL channel fees.

No sign-up fee contract cancellation fee obligation

Choosing TravelNest channels

One all-in payment

  • When you get bookings we’ll charge a small commission.

  • Our commission includes ALL the fees of the 30+ channels we offer.

  • There are no hidden costs, so you won’t pay anything else.

15% for all channels

  • We charge a 15% commission (+VAT) on bookings from the majority of our channels.

  • The only exception is

  • VAT applies to UK customers only.

19% for

  • charge higher rates, our commission on bookings is 19% (+VAT).

  • This includes’s commission.

  • VAT applies to UK customers only.
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With TravelNest, we only pay a commission when we get bookings. This covers all the channel costs so we don’t have to worry about making other payments – it makes everything simple.

Julie and Emma

Solid Luxury Lodges and Cottages


Here’s the answers to some commonly asked questions about TravelNest pricing and commission. 


It costs nothing to sign-up and create your account with TravelNest. What’s more, there is no contract to sign and no cancellation fee if you decide to leave (although we hope you won’t!)


If you decide to leave us (although we really hope you’ll stay!) you can cancel your account at any time by giving us 30 days notice. This time is needed so we can remove your properties from all of your selected channels.

TravelNest charges commission on confirmed bookings only. No bookings = no commission is charged.

Our commission includes all channel commission rates. All channel commission fees are included in our single rate, making it easier to track and forecast your income.

We charge 15% + VAT commission for listing across all our channels (excluding If you choose to be listed on, we charge 19% + VAT commission. VAT applies to UK customers only. TravelNest commission is deducted from the total value of each booking at the time payment is made to you, details of which can be seen in your customer account.